Is Apple Store (education) cheaper than the NUS Notebook Ownership Scheme price?

Apple prices are controlled so price comparisons are pretty easy. Several years ago, the NUS Notebook Ownership Scheme for Apple Laptops used to be about $300 cheaper than Apple Store. But that was several years ago.

Now, the Apple Store Educational price appears to trump the NUS price. A quick check today revealed this:

Apple Store price = S$1888.15
i.e. Mac Book Pro = S$1,816 (w/free delivery)
+ iWork (Pages, Numbers and Keynote) via App Store = S$72.15
NUS Notebook Ownership Scheme’s = S$2,046.92
+ iWork = S$44.95
Includes carrier bag, but cannot resell.

The $158.77 difference is significant ($185.97 without iWork) – it is more than half the in-store cost of an additional 4GB RAM at $252; which would be a very useful addition for Lion!

So when did Apple Store become cheaper than the notebook tender price? Am I missing something here?

I’d like to know, since I am still a mac evangelist of sorts. After a few meetings this week, I will say that working with other mac users generally involves less brute force!

Update – Thanks to Laurence Gwee for pointing out my original comparison was with the 2010 tender! Then we realised no more Office bundle and did the recalculations.

Would you buy an NUS student license for MS Office 2011 (~$100)?

If you did, you could decide against buying iWork and simply use Powerpoint, Word and Excel. Probably the choice of new converts to the mac.

Personally I prefer iWork’s Keynote and Pages for presentations and writing. I usually use Google Docs for simple spreadsheets and also for collaborative writing.

If the document requires heavy formatting, or the pc-users are not Google-alert, then having MS Word capability is useful.

I never did take to iWork’s Numbers, and for aggressive number crunching, I find MS Excel easily the best tool – and on a pc too!

So it depends on how you work. If you collaborate with many people over many situations, you’d need both Office and iWork. Mostly a solo worker, iWork would be fine. For hard data analysis, I’d settle for Excel and explore Virtual PC apps to get it to work faster!


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