Windows on Wildlife features – Common Palm Civet talks @ Night Safari, Wed 10 Aug 2011

Civetgirl Xu Wei Ting and her immediate junior Fung Tze Kwan are speaking at the Night Safari. Congratulations ladies, public education is a critical element of conservation work and you’re all well-prepared. The audience will be treated to a fine pair of talks!

This is not the first talk they are doing nor is it the last, so keep a lookout for announcements in future!

I want to break free (Familiarization Ride @ North Eastern PCN)

I can feel the chains of the semester binding me down, and this typically ends up snuffing out briskwalks and bicycle rides as I am too exhausted to do anything except slump on the sofa.

Tomorrow though I shall break the chains that bind me, throw caution to the wind and ride free for, erm, all of three hours with my kakis. Or course this means prep and recovery time and obviously a few late nights in retribution to catch up.

But once I ride, I shall forget all my woes. It’s National Day, and a nice way to remember the nation’s birthday is to to some sight-seeing! More so I get to meet the lovecycling people!

Route to join Punggol Park: Holland Road – Lornie Road – Bishan Street 21 – Bishan Road – AMK Ave 1 – Boundary Road -Upper Serangoon Road and finally Hougang Ave 8.

Then, according to the PCN fb page, its:

Familiarization Ride @ North Eastern Loop – 9 Aug National Day, meet at Punggol Park carpark @ 7am, leisurely guided ride at the soon to be launched Loop – Punggol, Sengkang, Gerald Dr, Buangkok, Sg Serangoon, Punggol Promenade – then 2. cross Lor Halus bridge and head towards Pasir Ris and Changi Village..BYOB (Bring Your Own Bike), helmet.”

Amidst their facebook wall was the information that the first leg to Halus would be 17km and the ride to Changi would be 40km. Technically this could mean it ends by 10am but it is more likely to end around 11am-12pm, since it sounds to be a zendog ride.

And after that, I should seriously plan to keep my spirits well nurtured with regular doses of freedom.

Update – the result:

Photo by Francis Chu,

Cycling Activity 58.94 km | RunKeeper