A luxurious bath after a muddy field trip


I love the people at the petrol station along Woodlands Road. They
have extended mangrove workers like me the courtesy of their tap for
decades. We in turn are particular about washing up the area after use
and are conservative in our use of water.

This sort of bath rewards particularly muddy work and a change of
clothes and footwear is waiting in my pack for a clean and dry ride
back by one of the buses plying the adjacent road bus to Woodlands MRT
and back to campus.

As we chat with the workers after returning the rolled up hose, we
exchange notes about Mandai mangrove and mudflat and the traffic along
Woodlands Road.

But you really make to do with whatever’s available. In sites
elsewhere, I simply wipe down with a cloth and 250ml of water. A
change of clothes later, I am almost good as new. I have the required
items in my backpack so I am always ready to get muddy!

Photo by Chen Fangfang, from the Faculty of Engineering’s Division of
Environmental Science and Engineering.


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