Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium III – “The Next Generation”

biodsg3-2011 - 20 speakers

Dear friends,

NParks and NUS are hosting the third Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium on Sat 24 Sep 2011 at LT27 in NUS. There is a lot of activity in biodiversity education, research, management and conservation going on in Singapore and wile we hear some news every now and then, we’d love to find out a little more.

So we are happy to present 20 speakers who will make 10-minute presentations each in five sessions from 8am to 6pm, covering terrestrial, freshwater and marine topics as well as two special updates about the new natural history museum and the national biodiversity sustainability and action plan. You can see the list of speakers and topics here:

The theme at this symposium is “The Next Generation” so most of the speakers are below 40 years old. Two of us who are edging in should go unnoticed due to our youthful disposition!

Two long and sumptuous tea sessions will allow us to interact, discuss and view the many posters featuring additional work which will be on display. Registration fees will help defray the costs at $10 for adults and $5 for students – everyone is welcome!

Register your details at and follow up with the payment by cash (at Raffles Museum in NUS), cheque or credit card (to NParks). Details are available on the webpage:

Do register and make your payment by Sun 18 Sep 2011.

Posters submissions are also welcome, see the webpage for details.

See you at the symposium – I look forward to a fruitful time there!

N. Sivasothi

On behalf of Lim Wei Ling, Linda Goh and N. Sivasothi,
Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium III (24 Sep 2011)


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