What animal would Miss Singapore Universe want to be?

Miss Universe Pageant Days in Sao PauloWe know Valerie Lim, Miss Earth Singapore 2009, from the National Day cleanup in 2010 where she proved to be poised, motivated, confident and a natural leader. So it’s with great enthusaism that we learnt her “secret project” this year was the Miss Singapore Universe 2011 contest, whose crown she now wears in Sao Paolo, Brazil, at the international competition.

She’s enjoying herself, learning and making friends and holding the flag aloft. And in between, updating her twitter account and her facebook page, sharing glimpses of the experience with her friends in Singapore.

Recently the contestants answered three questions for the web interview – do you believe in life on other planets, what advantage do women have over men and what animal would you like to be. How does Valerie do? Does she trip over a technical discussion about the over the question? And what animal does she want to be (of obvious interest to the biologists).

The Ubinator did some serious research examining what animals are preferred late into the night because this is really more important than the manuscript he owes me. He hasn’t posted the results by phyla yet but claims that 90% of the Miss Universe ladies want to be birds, dolphins and dogs.

He highlighted one response which stood out – Miss Thailand, who gave a zen like answer – go see! Does she reveal a biology background? And perhaps,too much stress in the life of a young lady?

Meanwhile, if you want to see Val in the semis – go vote at missuniverse.com


One thought on “What animal would Miss Singapore Universe want to be?

  1. Hi Siva! Thank you for this article. Was doing some digging online for my upcoming blog post and stumbled upon your article. Thanks for the support and hope to see you around soon.

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