Reminiscing BoSS I (2003) – Lim Cheng Puay

On 31st August 2011, we announced Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium III – the third of a symposia series I have organised in 2003, 2007 and now 2011. The current symposium webpage has the story and the first one remains the brightest star.

As I prepared this time, I looked back to the first symposium, BoSS I (2003), and realised it had a profound impact on one of my buddies, Lim Cheng Puay. Now an inspirational teacher at Raffles Girls Secondary, he then participated as a volunteer photographer and this is how fresh-faced he looked then!

BoSS I - Lim Cheng Puay

Ria Tan’s Wild People captured his feelings about the experience then:

“…in helping out as a photographer in Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium in 2003 … I was really amazed, and inspired, by the huge assemblage of locals and foreigners who are passionate about nature in Singapore. I felt then I could help and maybe contribute my bit as well.”

Uh-huh, teacher, naturalist, ICCS Site Captain, he certainly has been doing it all. And this time he will be co-chairing the forest session.

Registration for the Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium III (24 Sep 2011) is now open!