Ladybug discovers “Battle of Kruger”


“Oh no baby buffalo!”


“C’mon, c’mon, who win, who win, Lion you can do it!”

“Uh-oh, buffalo come!”

“Rawr, reawr!”

“OH SHOOTS! OOOHHH….Run, run, run, run!”

“It’s injured…”

“It’s so scary”

“Oh no, no. no. no. *high-pitched; knocks table”


Ladybug discovers “Battle at Kruger” (revealed on Youtube in 2007) via a blog post of my former student Pamela Soo whom she just met.

I used this in LSM3251 Ecology in the early days and then LSM1303 Animal Behaviour regularly and sometimes in LSM3261 Form and Function.

Sometimes when there are enough assembled in the lecture theatre early, I decide to entertain the early birds.

I usually throw in a preamble relevant to the module but always, I ask that they listen to the voice of the woman tourist and her South African guide. This is a classic.

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