What I forgot to wear last Saturday – my 1998 Dutch jersey!

I felt something was missing at the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore site at Lim Chu Kang East mangrove last Saturday, and I just realised, it was this – my Dutch jersey from 1998!

Dutch jersey

I’m not an avid international soccer fan so was initially puzzled when complete strangers hailed me victoriously when I wore this on some bicycle ride – an orange top is prominent during the day, and even in bright sunlight.

A Dutch medical student whom I met at Operasi Bertam in 1998 gave this to me. I used this during coastal cleanups since I’m usually also the safety officer. A promiennt colour made it easy for Site Captains and cleanup participants to spot me easily in an emergency.


Here I am wearing it during ICCS2003 at Buloh-Kranji mangroves. In that op, “350 volunteers counted, collected and weighed 3.75 tonnes of marine trash in about 90 minutes – 82% of this was plastic and 79% originated from shoreline and recreational activities”

And this below from the Kranji-Buloh mangrove cleanup in 1999. This was only the 8th ICCS. We’re in year 20 now!

ICCS 1999

I like the photos page of the ICCS webpage. I documented as much as I could, mainly using iView Media Pro before switching to Flickr in 2007. There is site information nestled away in there, besides photos of me in orange jerseys!


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