How did people find their way to the Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium III webpage?

Yesterday, the natural history community had a blast of a time, catching up with each other at the Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium III (2011).

BoSS3 - closing
Photo by Fung Tze Kwan

As the dust settles, I file away mental notes in preparation for the next experience. One is – how did people click their way to the official webpage at

As expected, Facebook reigns supreme. For blogs, note that WildSingapore highlights ALL my relevant posts so the count includes secondary jumps.

487 – Facebook (various)
249 –
227 – (N. Sivasothi)
159 – and (likely Habitatnews mailing list)
066 – (N. Sivasothi)
040 –
039 – Twitter
035 – (Ria Tan)
034 – (Ria Tan)
023 – (NUS Student message board)
013 – (N. Sivasothi)
012 –
010 –
010 –
010 – (Brandon Seah/N. Sivasothi)
010 – (N. Sivasothi)
009 – …
009 –
007 –
007 – (Ria Tan)
007 – (Ria Tan)
006 –
006 – (N. Sivasothi)
005 –
005 –
003 – (Ria Tan)
003 –
002 –
002 –
002 – Google+
002 –
001 –
001 –

Having monitored registration closely from the first day in order to react to flow, signing peaks coincided with each push we made with a blog post, email release or appeal to volunteers to facebook the event.

Edit form - [ Registration for Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium 3 (Sat 24 Sep 2011: 8am-6pm) ] - Google Docs
Each avenue returned registrations – just keep notifying.

54% of the 362 who registered were not students. 154 (43%) registered early, within a week. Over a quarter registered just before the event – 44 (12%) registered in the last weekend, 57 (16%) registered after the first deadline. Two of the 362 thought to say thanks in the remarks field which was really great to see!

This means registration played out typically.

This time, though, there was facebook. So everyone could be a publicist, a big big difference with the well-attended, two-day Biodiversity Symposium of Singapore I in 2003.

Ria Tan of WildSingapore and several others in the natural history community like myself, have embraced facebook to share links since everyone is there. And then they share with their friends.

Our biggest regret always is an interested person not finding out in time. I think the community did enough to get the word out.

Meanwhile, for tweets of the symposium by Ivan Kwan and David Tan, see Twitter.

For media coverage of BG (Res) Tan Chuan-Jin launch of NParks’ “Community in Nature” programme, see WildSingapore News.

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