Goodbye Steve, thanks for the wings

The Apple ][ computer entered my life in 1981 in secondary school and in 1988, out of the army and in NUS, I discovered the Macintosh. Eventually I owned a series of laptops from 1992 to the present, acquiring a new one about every five years.

Macs went from marginal to mainstream and enhanced everything I’ve been involved in.

So inspiring has the experience been that MacAddicts from my mailing list, ME@N, have gathered on and off since 1999 to talk. We meet again this Friday.

So it was tough to hear the inevitable this morning, which Macaddicts have been bracing ourselves for.

Steve Jobs has passed on, RIP. Twitter is flooded with memories now.

Thanks for the wings, Steve.

Twitter - Steve Jobs RIP

Obituaries – LA Times, MacWorld, NY Times.


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