AVA’s Responsible Pet Ownership Roadshow, 12-13 Nov 2011

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Besides the roadshow, explore the webpage to learn more about what this unit of AVA is doing for animal welfare education.

For example they conduct responsible pet ownership talks for primary, secondary and tertiary levels and educators can book a session.

There are workshop at their premises, ambassador programmes for schools, requests for AVA participation at community events, skit script complete with music a pet pals badge programme, a variety of library exhibitions, etc.

NUS PEACE survives the semester!

Ong Say Lin, president of NUS PEACE, is presented with a honorary gift of Ice Lemon Tea by Publicity Secretary Prab “Pribbles” Nathan to commemorate the survival of NUS PEACE this AY2011/12 Sem 1 at the end of the last meeting for the semester.


This no-CCA points group which was initiated in ?2006 was in danger of fizzling out at the end of last academic year. After a salvaging recruitment exercise by two from the previous year’s committee, kindred souls concerned about animal welfare have stepped forward.

They’ve cleaned up their web presence, got their finances in order (and audited, all on Google Docs), sorted out their admin, screened a movie, participated in ACRES dialogue session, learnt about several animal issues through discussion and invited speakers, got the blog going and are learning about the mechanisms of TRNM from Say Lin and the wonderful senior postgrads running NUS Cat Café, Keven Ang and Ng Wei Ling.

Celebrating Cheryl’s 21st birthday

As their staff advisor, I have been learning about the level of awareness of undergraduates with regards to the various animal welfare issues, their organisational abilities, skills they need to learn and communication methods. They have been working slowly and steadily.

All this gets put to the test next semester as they tidy up some admin loopholes and sink their teeth into some real business at hand. With one eye on sustainability, they’ll try to tackle something more ambitious while keeping the engine running.

Meanwhile, happy mugging for the exams everyone! Your pain will last much shorter than either mine (marking) or the postgrads (thesis writing)!

Thanks to Kenneth Pinto for help with blogs, both parked on NUS Blogs: NUS PEACE and NUS Cat Café and the Department of Biological Sciences for Conference Room II every Tuesday!