Friends and Supporters of Soi Dog, A Rescue From The Floods…

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From: John Dalley – Soi Dog Foundation <>
Date: Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 4:15 AM
Subject: Friends and Supporters of Soi Dog, A Rescue From The Floods…

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The Story Of A Rescue…

Dear Friends and Supporters of Soi Dog,

Many thanks to those of you who have donated towards helping the animals affected by the Bangkok floods.

Soi Dog is working with a coalition of other organizations and volunteers to help as many animals as possible survive. The work is going well with many rescue teams working long hours. As I write to you from Bangkok these teams are on the water saving lives.

It is only through your continued support that their work continues.

Animals rescued are being transferred to a number of temporary shelters outside of Bangkok where there is minimal or no danger of flooding. Wildlife Friends of Thailand is the primary shelter. Additional temporary kennels have and are being built there as a matter of urgency. Edwin Wiek, Secretary-General of WFFT and his entire team have done an amazing job of responding to the crisis both in Bangkok and Ayutthaya. My deepest thanks to them!

The story below and accompanying photos from one of the rescuers gives an insight into a typical day on the flooded streets and the importance of the rescue work:

We had received information that dogs were trapped in flood waters unable to get food in the areas of Chaeng Wattana and Don Meuang. Our mission was to find these dogs, rescue them & take them back to the new transit centre in central Bangkok, ready for transportation to the main rescue shelter at Wildlife Friends of Thailand in Cha Am. This trip was also used to deliver dog food to people in the flooded areas who are feeding dogs.

We found several dogs in deserted houses & garages that were perched on floating cars. It was evident that they had not eaten in days. These dogs were terrified & our rescuers struggled to catch them with their nets & bare hands.

We also found puppies stranded on a pile of floating rubbish who were delighted to see us & promptly jumped in our boat where they enjoyed some food & affection. Their mother was in deep water nearby & although terrified, we finally managed to rescue her also.

On our last boat ride through the night, we spotted a big black dog gasping for air & almost ready to drown as he swam for his life through 2 meter deep water, searching desperately for dry land. We heard him struggling and our rescuers managed to save him just in time. 

The many dogs rescued were loaded into big crates & taken back to Soi Dogs central operation base in downtown Bangkok. They all fell asleep on the bumpy ride home, totally exhausted. Most had been swimming for hours or perched on floating cars not having eaten for several days. 

It was nightfall before our boat returned with the rescued dogs. All were settled in for the night & picked up this afternoon for transportation to the rescue shelter at Wildlife Friends of Thailand in Cha Am.

I speak for all the rescuers on the waters and all the animals saved when I say many thanks for your support!

For me the story and photos above speak for themselves.
Only with your support can this life saving work continue.

Soi Dog will be there for these animals and will do whatever it takes to help them.
Please stand by us at this critically important time. Your support will save lives.



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