Get your free bike security label at your nearest Neighbourhood Police Post

I just wrote about the National Crime Prevention Council’s Bike Security Labels scheme with the Singapore Police Force over at the Cycling in Singapore blog [“Bicycle security labels in Singapore – get your free label at a nearby NPP.“].

What the bicycle security label looks like
(Source: NCPC facebook page)
Launch of Bicycle Security Label

Bicycle users are encouraged to adopt this island-wide to be effective, so here’s a shout out about the scheme in case you haven’t already heard.

It’s obviously not a substitute for vigilance, there isn’t a substitute when incidents of theft are high. A friend of mine staying at Holland Close forgot to engage his U-lock properly just one night and lost his $700 Trek. We figured thieves must have been trying the locks every night!

Most of us are without our labels so get your label and send me a photo!

Bike Security Label brochure, click for larger image
(Source: NCPC Facebook page)

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