Eating a holiday away

Adrian, Cheng Puay and I met up for a chat recently. We headed to Pasir Panjang only to find the Indian restaurant, Rangooli, had shifted. Undaunted, we hunted them down in 505 West Coast Drive, and thankfully the food outdid the smell of new furniture.

Pasir Panjang Road sure is dirty!

We three last met during the Sungei Buloh Anniversary Walk when we retired to Khamsana at Science Park Drive for a long and delightful lunch.

Cheng Puay was recently in Penang and gave up any thought of nature hikes there, responding instead to the call of the food. In Cebu, he tucked in to five meals a day. Although street children there kept him somewhat trim, he just headed up to Melaka for more meals.

Adrian’s Penang food adventures were so good during his recent trip, that he was thinking of his next meal by the time the present one was over!

Of course the conversation inevitably turned to the workouts that must follow. So hopefully when we next meet, we will finally be cycling!


One thought on “Eating a holiday away

  1. “thinking of his next meal by the time the present one was over!” – That’s how you know you’re Singaporean!

    Incidentally the little evolab america chapter (Andie and Shengrong and I) plan our next meal while eating the present one. XD

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