And the year begins!

I was offline most of December and now its time to try to keep things manageable!

  1. Wed 04 Jan 2011 – introductory lecture at the CDTL Professional Development Programme – Teaching (PDP-T) workshop – “10 Things I wish someone told me when I started teaching!
  2. Thu 05 2011 – Last talk at CIT’s BuzzEd 2012 – “Search, citation and plagiarism: skills for a digital age have to be taught!
  3. Tue 10 Dec 2011 – “Social Grouping in Animals” (for the Certificate in Animal Management course @ SZG).
  4. Answer Dec emails, especially student module queries.
  5. Module prep: LSM1303 Animal Behaviour [time-table].
  6. Module prep: LSM4262 Tropical Conservation Biology [to confirm time-table].
  7. Module prep: MW5201/2 Science Communication [time-table].
  8. Prep Active Learning CLassroom @ S16-03.
  9. Submission: CHAOS 2012 Question by 20 Jan 2011
  10. Reviewing research student’s thesis:
    1. small mammals,
    2. scavengers,
    3. wild boar,
    4. community cats and
    5. smooth-coated otters
  11. Freshwater crab proposal
  12. Intern placement at NParks.
  13. Student exchange letters.
  14. ICCS Tanah Merah Year-Round Coastal Cleanups: meeting.
  15. NUS PEACE plans
  16. Toddycats Exhibition team: management and admin.
  17. Exhibition design proposal for LD.
  18. Setting up the Biodiversity Roundtable Singapore.
  19. Cycling proposal and interview.
  20. Battle of Pasir Panjang Anniversary Walk
  21. SaintsDYK: list management for 150th anniversary; project with SAS

The list will grow and I hope to keep it manageable. Got to spend some time on the bike and more time with kakis this semester!


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