How fast can you blog?

See Slacker David sneak out the MW5201 Science Communication class!

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This post was put up as a demonstration of the ease of blogging these days at the MW5201 Topics in Science Communications class. While talking, I used my iPhone to grab an image and emailed it to Posterous. It was published there then automatically duplicated onto this WordPress blog, while the title appears on twitter and Facebook.

Interestingly, Yasmeen from the first batch of this course twittered immediately to say,

“Wow…that many students now in that class?”

She had only four classmates.

When we learnt about Posterous in 2008, Kenneth Pinto (@acroamatic) emailed to very aptly say, “Anyone who can email can now blog”.

After exploring its ability to handle a slew of images, mp3s, comments and pdfs, I dumped my “how to blog” workshop instruction set for the single act of emailing Posterous. Posterous has since moved from strength to strength and can now jump over tall buildings in a single leap. But it was its elegant ability to get you blogging with minimum fuss is still at its core.

Last night I realised with a start, that with a smart phone, it had become even easier!

Now that technology is essentially out of the way, everyone is back to square one – figuring out what to say.

Perhaps chewing the end of the pencil might help.


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