“It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in torrents”*

Shortly after midnight last night, after confirming a 6.30am ride to Changi Village with Kenneth Pinto and Kevin Lim, flashes of light burst in through the kitchen window. The storm clouds had come. It was all was gone by morning, but wet roads and young casuarinas along the Changi extent of the Eastern Coastal Park Connector spoke of a tale of a tempestuous night.

Photo by Kenneth Pinto

Photo by Kenneth Pinto


Friends from the east on Facebook chipped in immediately to verify that the winds had been very strong the previous night night:

Wu Huaying said,

“The 3+am winds at East Coast were the loudest I’ve ever heard in Singapore, like a typhoon slamming in. Many casuarinas along that stretch and at Changi Beach faint during storms with strong winds, some of the railings in your picture (top) have been replaced before after they were dented by the falling trees.”

Hidayat Amat said,

“I was outside when the strong winds started at around 3am. It blew one of those big blue recycling boxes with yellow cover from the pavement to the road beside. I thought it was light until I tried moving it as it was blocking one side of the road.”

Well, we’ve had a wet time of it. What follows in February is our driest month. The sun today was a reminder that we’ll be praying for moisture of any kind, quite soon.
*This infamous phrase is Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s.


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