Boys like to shop too! ESS Ice Eyeshield and its changeable lens @ Hornest

Two weeks ago, we discovered a shop run by a friend of a friend, called Hornet’s Nest, at Big Splash. This shop is like an upscale Beach Road military supplies shop (look them up on Facebook), so how not to loiter? Well the ESS sunglasses on display caught my eye because it has changeable lenses, mongst other things – black for the sun, clear for nights and yellow for low-lit dusk and dawn.

I’ve been using King’s safety googles, usually carrying two per ride. They have gradually been scratched, although tolerably so, but would have to be replaced  eventually – which is easily done at Changi Vilage for between $12-$15 per pair. So not too much heart pain if I sit on these!


But that Sunday, it was BLAZING hot and Kevin didn’t have shades so I passed him mine for the ride back and forked out $77 for an anti-scratch ESS Ice Eyeshields. It came with a black, a Hi-Def Yellow and a Clear Lens. The lenses cover a wider field of vision than my old pairs, which I am happy about, comes with an anti-fog cloth, won’t shatter on impact and is relatively frameless and extremely light (see specs here and this poster).

Eventually I learnt NOT to throw my shoulder out whilst removing and adding lenses, once I realised I would not break these hard lenses and then its utility asserted itself.

I use glasses, or more accurately “eyeshields,” during a ride to keep particles out of my eyes and to screen the sun. Both are helpful during any type of ride, so even if it’s an amble, I have shades on!


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