Brompton under the table finally sees the light of day

A birthday gift from 2010, this Brompton languished for over a year under my table, in a box, while I ran myself ragged with overwork and hardly played. The determination of new year resolution two years in the making has finally have it come out to see the light and me to regain my sanity.


It will have to seek a niche against the 10-year old GT Aggressor. The three speed gear is too cruel on the knees right now to become my primary vehicle. Still, it folds elegantly as it is famed to do and after some persuasion to separate mudguard from wheel, it was put through its paces along the similarly lovely Ulu Pandan Park Connector.

I can’t generate the power of the GT for sure and will avoid battling urban traffic, and instead navigate walkways and pavements between safe roads. Never at the expense of pedestrians, though.

The inbuilt dynamo powers up a pretty decent front and rear light  while a computer bag which completed the birthday gift slips in the  front comfortably, screaming cycle to work! “You won’t be able to sprint up Pepys Road with this bike,” my fellow-Zendogs warned. Well, I’ll be much less ambitious for starters. And with the GT is in the shop, Changi Coastal Park Connector here I come!