Michael Gumert prepping his Conservation Psychology class at LT23, NTU

We’re right next to 8 Flags in NTU, which has great significance to a Me@ner like me. I’m about to chat with Michael Gumert’s students in his Conservation Psychology class about the thinking behind actions at Chek Jawa.

During those events in 2001 early 2002, I coordinated surveys, recruitment, public education visits, submissions to government, emails with the public and host of other activities, and during each and every step, a lot of thought was put into the engagement, all of which is relevant to the Conservation Psychology class.

Working with Ria Tan of WildSingapore.com at the time was a joy because she was tuned in to every nuance and her outlook was instinctive – at her core, she has great empathy for people and the planet. That helps!


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