Today 34 brave hearts cleared 302kg off 250 meters of beach at Tanah Merah 7

In November last year, I called for action for the Tanah Merah coastline which we had tackled in September during ICCS. We felt more action was required for the trash load was heavy and persistent. Furthermore, oil from the Changi East Oil Spill of 2010 was persistent on the shore still.

NVPC was a partner to this effort and 15 people answered the call which was publicised by natural history blogs, Facebook pages, WildSingapore and the SG Cares portal. My team and I met them at NVPC in January 2012 and explained we were not recruiting participants for a cleanup but a team to coordinate cleanups at Tanah Merah year-round.

And then it was left to them. The volunteers organised themselves, made their call to the public to signup, conducted the all important recce and executed the task today.

It was particularly gratifying to see this carried out today, we achieved much more than a cleanup – there is a team to manage Tanah Merah now, and in partnership with NVPC, proving there are willing hands out there!

3 thoughts on “Today 34 brave hearts cleared 302kg off 250 meters of beach at Tanah Merah 7

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