Blogging on NUS’ facebook, “The Change is Me”

This year, the NUS Admissions Publicity Campaign has picked the theme, “The Change is Me”. I was asked to contribute by blogging once a week from now until May 2012 at the NUS facebook page.

I was first asked in December 2011 and given a nudge two days ago to have my first post up before the 15th of February 2012. I was busy with World War II remembrance ceremonies and visits so just like my undergrads and their assignments, it was the night of the 14th when I sat down to write. Before midnight, I had shared about the heritage walk the Kent Ridge/Pasir Panjang Guides had led on Sunday from NUS to Bukit Chandu.

National University of Singapore

I actually write to a content management system whose output is embedded to the NUS Facebook page. So I can pen a post in my desktop blog editor, MarsEdit, save drafts to WordPress which can be accessed on my iPhone (jes sayin’), and eventually copy and paste the html over to the CMS system.

I guess I will archive those posts on this blog too so I don’t lose them. It’s nice to be able to look back.

Well a large part of the exercise is NUS Open House 2012 when prospective students get to check out the campus, talk to some flesh and blood here and attend talks and poke and prod the wildlife here which will includes yours truly this year!

You see, a week ago I was informed by the powers that be, who maintain a sharp eye on these things, that my name had turned up on the roster for Academic Advisors duty at NUS Open House 2012.

So I get to meet students on the morning of Saturday 17th March 2012 at the Sports and Recreation Centre. I have already booked the date and look forward to meeting new students. I will have to bone up on the multitude of variations in course offerings before that which tends to be an eye opener.

It looks like I will be in the pink corner. And apparently I am to be friendly.

NUS Open House 2012 - the Change is Me : 17 & 18 March Sat & Sun

The last time I had duty, I read everything official, then asked questions of my department’s admin staff – they know EVERYTHING. Which is probably why they have FULL DAY duty at the Open House unlike the acads’ half-day duty slots.

Then I talked to my research undergrads and Raffles Museum Toddycats undergraduate volunteers to ground truth me – they know exactly how things pan out and what incoming students need to be alert about.

By the time I master all of that information, I may as well volunteer to give talks at JCs about Life Sciences @ NUS.

There you go, I just painted a bull’s eye on my head. I’ll go pick up an arrow and stick in my head next week.

NUS Open House 2012 - the Change is Me : 17 & 18 March Sat & Sun


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