My Bike Hour Ride

I’ve been going on about it in the Cycling in Singapore and worked myself up to run home and jump on my bike. That was actually a little more complicated that it appears, but I did it!

I saw one likely Bike Hour cyclist who smiled and bobbed his head as we passed each other on opposite directions at the Ulu Pandan Canal.

Bike Hour

I used it to get myself on my bicycle for my first mid-week ride. I realise why I have not been doing it sooner though, the air is not wiped (relatively) clean as it is on a Sunday morning and there is plenty of construction along the route. The best part was riding next to a cool forest patch along Clementi Road!

For my mid-week ride to survive, I must plan a route adjacent to forest, well after peak hour for this to work – a Mandai loop beckons.

My tweets:

  • Watch my bike ride right now with @RunKeeper Live #RKLive #RunKeeper
  • Ghim MOH canal sure was busy! #bikehour #zd2 on way to Kranji
  • Jurong in peak hour. Strictly for a niche crowd of cyclists #bikehour
  • Lim Chu Kang us crunching gravel, heavy vehicles, soldiers, aircraft, insect swarm, enthusiastic dogs, street lights of Johor #bikehour #zd2
  • Oops, Bike 3 Hours! Couldn’t resist visiting Kranji: reservoir, workers relaxing, smell of curry, factory dogs, heavy vehicles #bikehour
  • Just completed a 46.17 km bike ride – HV – Ulu Pandan – Boon Lay – LCK – Kranji – Wlands Rd – HV. #RunKeeper
  • Thanks lovely drivers of lorries buses pickups trailers cementmixers cars taxis who changed lanes, slowed, gave me a wide berth #bikehour
  • Two men back home after work made sure I got on the lift w/bike, nodded approvingly at my panting form and said “healthy, very good!” Cool!

Cycling Activity 46.17 km | RunKeeper

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