U@live Featuring Leo Tan, Wed 25 Apr 2012

Leo TanU@live, 25 Apr 2012

Join us in April to meet a relentless champion for the environment and science to hear about his beliefs and values!

Professor Leo Tan graduated in PhD in Science from NUS in 1974. Throughout a distinguished career in research, education and public service, Professor Tan has been a vocal advocate for the environmental cause. Indeed, many of his public policy initiatives have helped to define Singapore’s reputation as a Garden City. 

Professor Tan’s latest ventures include Project Semakau, a three-year research programme with the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, and the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, set to open in 2014 with Singapore’s very first permanent exhibit of dinosaur fossils. Being the former National Parks Board chairman and enthusiastic nature lover, he was also devoted to teach and impart knowledge to his students.

Come discover what this pioneering environmentalist has to say about Singapore’s “green” future.


Tan Swee Hee, who sent us the email, says, “The Edmontosaurus thigh bone will be on display!”


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