Finally! I’m recycling my Macs (1992 Powerbook 140 & 1997 Powerbook 1400cs) into Starhub’s e-waste bins

Earth Hour WWF Singapore

This year, the Earth Hour banner this year bears the phrase “60+”, which means its time to do more beyond the act that started it all – turning off the lights for an hour.

Many will dim lights from 8:30pm till 9:30pm on Saturday 31 March as will StarHub’s retail shops and Customer Service Centres around the island.

Their action beyond the hour is the launch of their electronic waste (e-waste) recycling programme: E-waste recycling bins will be placed at StarHub’s Customer Service Centres at

  1. OUB Centre, Level 5
  2. Plaza Singapura, Level B2
  3. Tampines Mall, Level 2
  4. StarHub Green, Level 3
  5. and the Grid MMS Office at *SCAPE Level 4

“About 50 million cell phones are replaced worldwide every month, and only 10% are recycled,” says StarHub CEO Neil Montefiore. “As a provider of electronic equipment and e-services, we feel that it is only right to provide consumers with an avenue through which they can safely and responsibly dispose of their electronic waste.”

Apparently, e-waste in the form of mobile phones, cable modems, laptops and lithium-ion batteries, accounts for more than 70% of toxic waste in landfills and this improper disposal leads to serious pollution and health problems.

This is a certainly a relief as I missed earlier initiatives and still have my first two Macintosh laptops with me. I did not want to toss them out as they would not be properly disposed which would be pollutive. In this programme, the e-waste collected will be recycled by TES-AMM, a local e-waste recycling company.

In light of WWF’s campaign “I Will If You Will” tagline, if consumers deposit 3,000kg of e-waste into the five bins between Earth Hour and Earth Day (22 April 2012), StarHub will plant 30 trees at a local park. Sweet!

“Recycling bins for paper, plastic and metal are commonplace nowadays, but it is very difficult to find bins in which the average consumer can recycle e-waste,” observed Mr Montefiore. “We’re hoping to provide such channels at easily accessible locations, and eventually inculcate a long-term habit for consumers, whether they are our customers or not, to recycle their e-waste with us.”

The list of recyclable items for StarHub E-Waste Recycling Bins include

  • Hard Drives,
  • Keyboards,
  • Laptops,
  • Li-ion Batteries,
  • Mobile Phones,
  • Modems.

See the full list at Zero Waste Singapore.