Lim Cheng Puay’s return to cycling, ‘The day I fell, rolled, continued for ice-cream and rode through the storm”

Lim Cheng Puay writes,

125_Zendogs-FarWestTour-29apr2012 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!After 3 weeks of no cycling (had Cebu trip, Indonesia trip and Qing Ming prayers), I forgotten how painful it was for an unseasoned rider to keep up with the veterans. 

Met Kevin, Siva and Airani at the SPC Petrol station and was quite happy that it was the nice scenic route down Changi. Alexandra Road is nice and straight. My previous experience riding that route was a nice leisurely one cos Siva was on his Brompton. 

So I was not prepared for the speed today, was practically sprinting to catch up with this group who were doing about 20-30km per hour. By the time they were at Guru’s prata, I was still at the SAF Ferry terminal. Luckily Siva stayed back to wait for me. Was just glad to sit down and drink coffee and try to recover for the return leg.

Like Airani said, “No more honeymoon after the 3rd ride!” I should have be thankful that they have been kind to me in the past ride. 

After a short break, we set up through Pasir Ris to ride through the NERL Punggol Waterway. Legs were probably wobbly after the earlier exertion, on Loyang Road, I rode over an uneven patch of road, could not keep my balance and fell. Could not remember much but I instinctively let go of the bike and rolled over to break the fall. Just remembered that I had to try to keep away from the road and break the fall. 

Escaped with just a scrape on my elbow and my knee. Siva quickly took out his first aid kit and used his trusty Brave Soldier. With things all set, we had a nice slow scenic ride along Pasir Ris before picking up pace at Lorong Halus. 

After another stop at a Prata Place along Yio Chu Kang, we rode down to Lornie Road and was enveloped into a huge thunderstorm. Visibility was low, and we had to keep close to be seen by drivers. Despite being drenched, we were all enjoying the cool relief from the hot weather. 

With my muscles getting stiff and cramping, Siva turned to me at Coronation Road and shouted,”Meet your new girlfriend, Rebecca”. Rebecca Road is a short but steep slope, possibly about 35 to 40 degrees (though it felt like 90). I admit now as I was climbing up, I thought of getting down to push. Siva’s shouting at the back and Kevin and Airani in front really worked. I just put one foot after another and eventually made it. This scene from Band of Brothers came to mind. Climbing Currahee, starring Siva as RSM, LCP as private.

Now as the time of writing, my legs were still aching and wobbly. Will probably walk funny tomorrow. But yes this is really one solid ride. With great scenery, good workout, and great riding kakis. 

Till the next ride. 

Lim Cheng Puay newbie ride