14th Anniversary Mac Meetup on Friday the 13th

I have a mac meetup to look forward to this Friday the 13th of April 2012. I get to sit down with my buddies and chat about technology, education, digital literacy and mac apps of course. We’ve been doing this since 1999 and it reached a peak in 2003/4 with meetup.com when we met every month in heady times!

That tailed off before stabilising to quarterly meetups at Suntec by 2007. We shifted over to Holland Village in 2009 once we realised all the regulars were bundling into a cab for a long ride back home after each meetup!

This time veteran Laurence Gwee, a mac meetup participant since 2002 has been away so this is also his reunion meetup. Also here is John Larkin from Australia who is back in town once again to conduct some teaching at NTU once again.

We head to our usual haunt at Holland Village Block 40 for dinner before heading over to the Starbucks just outside the Circle Line MRT. Since it remains opens on weekends, we can relax and enjoy the evening.

Anyone is welcome to join us, do let me know you are coming by email or twitter!

My Mac iBook 600 at the recent “legacy meetup”

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