Pesky students are still cheerful after two years of torture


It's the last day of lessons at NUS so my honours students burst through the door to mark the occasion. These three have been with me for two years – Meryl Theng (Ottergirl), Amanda Tan (Red Jungle Fowl/Smammal Girl) and Mei Ailian (Catgirl) and owe me blood, amongst other things.

It's only last day of lessons, really, for there are exams to take, papers and articles to write, presentation to prepare for, books to return, data to dump, stakeholders to report to, that soul-searching exit interview with me to go through, etc. Even you will get to hear from them in mid-May when they traditionally present their work at a public seminar we'll arrange. 

For now at least, its time to be happy and mark an important day in their lives.