Tomorrow’s Zendogs bicycle ride – Lim Chu Kang cemeteries & Kranji River loop

Tomorrow’s Zendogs bicycle ride explores Lim Chu Kang cemetery roads, will be a touring ride; we will do some part of this route: HV Starbucks – Ghim Moh PCN, Ulu Pandan PCN – Jurong East Ave 1/Road – NTU – LCK/Murai/Ama Keng – Jln Bahtera – Kranji – Sg Kadut – Pang Sua PCN – Bt Batok – Jurong Bicycle Track/lu Pandan PCN – HV.

See route details on Bikely Start times:

  • 0630 – Holland Village Starbucks.
  • 0645 – Ulu Pandan PCN, just after Clementi Road junction

The NEA 3-day weather forecast says of tomorrow, “Thundery showers mainly over southern, eastern and western Singapore in the late morning and early afternoon.” Today brought a mid-morning shower to the Earth Day Coastal Cleanup folk, lets hope for a late morning shower!

I say “some part of this route” as the total distance is 85km, which we will be unable to finish at a touring pace by midday – anyway I’m a bit under the weather and it has been scorching hot. So likely we’ll skip the Jalan Bahtera and LCK Farmway/Road End bits, which I need to explore for ICCS.

For Ivan’s second-only ride with us, there is an exit point at Yew Tee MRT, after Sungei Kadut and before Bukit Batok. Well, any of us can really call a cab from anywhere in Singapore. Easier with foldies but I’ve done that with my (clean) mountain bike too!

You can see from the map there are four blissful stretches:

  1. Ulu Pandan PCN which continues to Jurong PCN
  2. Old Jurong Road (well, let’s see)
  3. Nanyang Crescent (runs adjacent to the Dragon Kiln forest patch which will sadly go)
  4. Pang Sua PCN

This route avoids a few roads which can get busy by mid-morning:

  1. Boon Lay Way and the busier part of Jalan Bahar
  2. Kranji Road
  3. Woodlands Road
  4. Bukit Timah Road – with its roadworks, certainly great to avoid

I will probably make adjustments to link to the Bukit Batok arm of the Ulu Pandan Park Connector. I examine Google’s Street View to decide between say Bukit Batok Road and Bukit Batok West Ave 2 but its best to decide during the ride. Smaller roads can be busy and have less space for cyclists, whereas wide roads with lower Sunday traffic cold be safer.

Whether I will remember this all is another story though. On a Zendog ride, anything goes.

To stay informed of our rides, “like” the Facebook page. I just need that you wear a helmet, have effective front and rear lights, bring enough water and go with the flow. It’s our day to relax and we want to do this safely.

Remembering the twists and turns:

  1. Take the Ulu Pandan PCN across Boon Lay Way and turn out left at Toh Guan before PIE.
    • Follow the Jurong PCN to Jurong East Central,
    • then turn right at the first junction into Jurong East Ave 1,
    • turn right to Juring Town Hall Road,
    • just after the next junction, turn left into Jurong Road.
  2. Jurong Road leads to Jurong West Ave 2
    • Keep on it past Corporation Road and Jalan Boon Lay,
    • It’s now called Jurong West Ave 4
    • Turn right at Pioneer Road North
  3. Turn left into Nanyang Crescent (NTU)
    • Then either turn left to loop NTU with tired riders waiting at the junction of Nanyang Ave
    • or head due north into Nanyang Crescent
    • turn into Nanyang Avenue and reach Jalan Bahar.
  4. Turn left into Muslim Cemetery Path 7
    • Left to 13, right to 12,
    • loop at end into 13, exit by CCK Track 33
    • Turn left in CCK Road
    • Rebound off NSC
    • Turn left to Chinese Cemetery Path 2, left to Path 4, including a 90 degree turn at outer margin
    • Left to CC P36, right to P21,
    • left to Muslim Cemetery Path 17 which loops,
    • Exit to LCK Road
  5. Turn left to Murai Farmway, turn right to Jalan Murai, rejoin LCK?
  6. Right turn to Ama Keng
    • No turn into Sg Gedong
    • No Left to Jalan Bahtera on left (after Neo Tiew Road on right)
  7. LCK Road end, Left to LCK Lane 3 Skip exploration here
  8. Kranji Way, right to Sg Kadut Drive
    • Finally to Choa Chu Kang Way
    • Left to Pang Sua PCN
    • Bail at Yew Tee Primary School (55-60km)?
  9. Cross KJE
    • Turn right (divert from canal) then turn left to Jalan Teck Whye
    • Turn right to CCK Road which becomes Bukit Batok Rd
  10. Turn right into BB West Ave 2
    • Past the CSC and junction with Bt Batok West Ave 3
    • Bukit Batok Central
  11. Turn right at BB MRT into BB Ave 1
    • Left into BB Ave 6
    • Right into BB Street 22
    • Left into BB Industrial Park A
    • Left into Ulu Pandan PCN

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