Get on your bike and ride!

I’ve been under the weather with deadines laying in ambush in every corner. I’m still being hunted like a yeti and I wanted to ditch my bicycle ride this Sunday for once. A burst spoke fro the last ride seemed to suggest I lay off but help during the class today left me coherent enough to ask for a ride down to Hup Leong, where my GT Avalanche 1.0 was bought for me on 9th September 2002. Gilbert has the bike maintained and I am back home with enough time to plan the route after a few more chores online.

Say Lin, my wild pig student is back from travels and I’d like to check the environs of Sembawang and Selimang beaches, for ICCS and Woodlands Waterfront for a macaque population reportedly active there. Kenneth Pinto is not going to wake up early after a night out with Josephians and Ladybug needs to leave the ride early for work. Kevin is game for any ride, the longer the better. But I better not be out too late as I do have a few deadlines to met on Monday morning.

So I ponder and this is the route I think we might do:

HV-Kranji-Mandai-Sembawang at

The route at Bikely is approximate as I did not plot in exact details (e.g. PCNs) to get this out faster. Its nice to plot, what we’ll do after Woodlands could vary. We’ll see. For now, though, some sleep! (23:50h)

Update – Sun 13 May 2012: 0530h – Just before I slept, at about 1am, I retweeted the NEA weather warning, issued 10pm, which said, “Thundery showers over many areas in the morning”. As if on cue, thunder and lightning filled the air shortly after just as I drifted off. I wasn’t too worried since strong winds can move clouds along.

However, when I woke up at 5.00am this morning, my nose was dripping, @ramblinglib in Yishun and @bubblevicious nearby had tweeted about strong winds rattling windows an hour earlier and there was a pitter-patter in the air.

So I checked weather radar and forecasts:

Rain Locations in Singapore
National Environment Agency

Rain Areas Animation
indicated there was more from where this came from the west.

Uh-oh, so how large is this rain cloud? So I look at
Weather Radar Information by the Metereological Service Singapore
which provides a regional view:
Singapore Weather Information Portal - Weather Radar Information

NEA’s 3-hour Nowcast
is next and with a sinking heart see it predicts rain to 8.00am
National Environment Agency

Weather Underground’s WunderMap Cloud View
shows that this IS indeed one BIG rain cloud!
WunderMap® | Interactive Weather Map and Radar | Weather Underground

On twitter @brainopera and @ramblinglib are all standing by now…doesn’t look like a start anytime soon. I’ll go make coffee.

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