Reading a Secrets mannual

One reason I think why I still out-google my students is because I’m faster. I have several tabs open and loading in the background, while they are still fondling their mice towards the first URL window.

It has been frustrating to watch so I will integrate tips into their writing guidelines in first and second year. Even simple things like alt-tabs to switch between windows in a PC is news to many.

My relatively efficient use of the Mac is built on a legacy of having read a Mac Secrets manual in the 90’s. You just have to read a manual sometime in your life, just once, and practise. It’s surprising how useful what you learn will be. And its transferable, so you’ll be better on a pc too. For something we use many hours, everyday, it’s worth it.

Over the years, I’ve read a few manuals about the Apple OS. These below were from a decade ago (1999, 2002) and are to be pulped. I’m a stranger to the existing OS’ and it’s time for a read. I’ll probably get reacquainted with Mountain Lion.


One thought on “Reading a Secrets mannual

  1. Ha ha ha. Same with me.
    I open many tabs in my Firefox.
    Facebook, Yahoomail, Googlemail, WordPress, and Twitter are always be opened first– the quick Ctrl+T. If there is new interesting link in the article, I open it in new background tab while I am reading the whole article.
    Some time this behaviour make me not focus and forgot my main task.

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