Our fifth Assisi Hospice Charity Fun Day tomorrow! Goods transfer to SJI International today

The Assisi Hospice Charity Fun Day is here once again and today we completed the goods transfer to SJI International. The advertisement for things we can resell was successful and we have LOADS of stuff to sell, so much I emailed Toddycats to see if any can drop by for an hour to help out.

Part of the crew who accomplished the transfer to our booth today

Airani says there is loads of very good stuff this year which which should be released at half-decent prices at the very least and not go to firesale mode too early. Oh wow, she must be impressed to say that as she is the one usually urging us to release things for the lowest prices by 12pm.

The Adrian writes to say even more stuff is coming and Airani wonders how we going to be able to sell it all. Then she plots to offer some of our items as free gifts for purchases above S$20!

Uh-oh, jungo! Can we sell it all?

Besides hydrating and worrying about our stall tomorrow, we can also look forward some delectable delights offered by various other stalls. There will be no shortage of good food during this event!


You can buy your tickets at the fun fair itself.

All photos by Adrian Loo.

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