Wireless@SG in NUS

When I popped open my MacBook Pro yesterday whilst briefing my honours students, I saw WirelessSG in my list of networks. I’m usually wired so wondered when this started appearing.

Just now, fellow macaddict Teutoburg who is stuck in a chair says he noticed this only recently too and sent us this image.

Coverage is “pretty good” in our Department of Biological Sciences. Kenneth said he too noticed it only yesterday at Computer Centre and was able to “just about get it” at the Kent Ridge MRT bus stop this morning, similar to the range of the NUS wireless network range.

This will be a big help with visitors to campus for workshops and the like – previously I’ve had to issue each volunteer with a NUS Visitor Account which can take time and creates a bottleneck at the start of a session. The savvy and equipped users switch to their phone’s personal hotspot but this is much easier. We’ll be able ask our overseas visitors to pre-register too.

Hope its everywhere and the signal’s strong!

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