Sucker for punishment? Join me this Sat @ the pre-National Day mangrove cleanup!

That shell-shocked look from the morning’s celebration!

Now that my fever has receded, and the chest infection is under control, I see a glimmer of flu-free life beckoning. I also found my very carefully kept national flag, and recalled how happy we are every year we do the pre-national day mangrove cleanup. Our 2011 group photo has been my desktop picture for a year now!

I’m still feeling a little light-headed so I sent out a few messages to ensure I’d have some mangrove cleanup veterans there with me – I never do this alone for safety and thankfully never have to. Sure enough, Adrian, Joelle, Airani, Kai Scene, Yi Yong and Weiting have confirmed so its safe to get this going!

Well registration has been initiated very late, but it will be interesting to see how many answer the call this year. We’ll be fine with any number and the hard-core who turn up with short notice are inspiring to work with.

I recall some participants faded in less than an hour, so we’ll take a break after 30 mins, for everyone to get water and rotate their positions on the beach. Weekend warriors may not be used to intense work.

From the photos, I realise I will perspire like a monsoon, so will gear up like I usually do for my bike rides (head cap, halo headband, energy gel and Camelpak). My debrief notes reminded me to order pizzas for the glove washing crew the moment we leave, so food is waiting once we are done with washing!

We do rack up some impressive amounts of trash, and last year’s group of 64 removed more than a tonne of trash in 133 trash bags; NEA is notified earlier and will ensure this all get removed to an incineration plant.

Want to get a piece of the action this year? We can do with muscles for heavy lifting as well as dainty fingers for fine work but all with a heart for the environment. See details and registration on the News from the International Coastal Cleanup blog. There’ll be a bus to and from Clementi as usual, provided by ICCS/Raffles Museum.

Kenneth Pinto took lots of photos last year, which are featured below. Yes, I’ll wear red, my beaten-up ICCS Coordinators cap and that preciously secured national flag! We are celebrating National Day!

Briefing at the bus stop at Lim Chu Kang Road end
Pre-NDP Lim Chu Kang Mangrove Cleanup 2011


Not a pretty sight!


Get a workout with friends!






We chain-gang the trash bags to the Trash Disposal Site and weigh!





Pre-NDP Lim Chu Kang Mangrove Cleanup 2011




All done by 11am! Glad we woke up early and came, always!

Photos by Kenneth Pinto and Kelvin Lim from the 2011 pre-National Day Coastal Cleanup 2011.