NUS WebVPN – getting Juniper’s Network Connect to install on OS X Mountain Lion

If you were an NUS OS X Snow Leopard user back in 2009, we experiennced a hiccup with Juniper’s Network Connect which is installed the first time you login to WebVPN.

Eventually it required a geeky moment in Terminal, creating a missing subdirectory the application needed, which I blogged about then.

This time its simpler, as Graham Walsh explained in one line. I simply did this:

  1. Go to the NUS Faculty and Staff page at and click to enter WebVPN, enter your details.
  2. The window attempts to install and run Network Connect and will complain of a missing plugin.
  3. Click that and you are promoted about installing Java. Agree to install and you are prompted for your password.
  4. Close and reopen browsers.
  5. Return to and try WebVPN again, you’ll be in!

All this on Safari, mind you. Graham Walsh was stumped in Chrome so suggested this fix here.

Yes, all I really needed to say this time really was “just follow the directions in Safari and all will be well”!

Notification Center

Time to go book that room now…


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