Commas can be useful, Her World! (Catboy feature)

Students in my department have been celebrating the appearance of our graduate student Marcus Chua in women’s lifestyle magazine Her World.

Her World ran a feature of snazzy bachelors (I think) and apparently devoted a full page to Marcus who has been studying mammal ecology for a few years now and is deep in the midst of his leopard cat project (hence “catboy”).

Well, office staff were so delighted at the news, they decided to share the good news – with faculty and grad students in my very large department at NUS Biological Sciences .

Since the email’s subject line mentioned my graduate student, I did the dutiful supervisor’s job of checking to ensure there were no fires to put out.

“What is he up to now?” ran through my mind as I saw hi nam and clicked. Then this screaming text greeted me.

Inbox 2022 NUS Staff

It was the magazine edge I was looking at. ANd just after that, Microsoft Outlook froze on me.

Well, Marcus is not stranger to exposure of this sort. He was a poster boy for “The Next Generation” during the Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium III.

Later during our Choa Chu Kang cemetery field trip to examine small mammal habitats, Marcus told the story. He had used the opportunity to take the magazine crew on a field trip and walked the entire Tree Tops Trail with them, nice! We’ll share that full story eventually in the NUS Biodiversity Crew.

Meanwhile, we agreed commas would have helped.

To read more about Marcus Chua, see his profile in RMBR’s DNA and the Leopard Cat webpage.

Through the Eyes of the Leopard Cat



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