What we tell NEA’s Dept of Public Cleanliness (DPC)

The good news out in March was the formation of the new Department of Cleanliness at the National Environment Agency (CNA, 30 Mar 2012):

“The new department will integrate and manage public area cleaning contracts for greater efficiency and better coordination in the long run.

Currently, different public agencies look after the cleanliness of public areas.

For example, the National Parks Board manages cleanliness at parks, while the Land Transport Authority is in charge of cleanliness at footpaths.

From now till 2016, the department will progressively take over the contracts from other public agencies such as national water agency PUB, the Singapore Land Authority and the National Parks Board.”

This means liaising with only one agency for the many sites we coordinate around the island in September. How lovely!

Dinesh, the ICCS Recce Captain, alerted us about this earlier in the year and its now time to communicate with them.

For many areas, a lap post number of BBQ pit number would do. For Saturday’s cleanup and sites in the North-West Zone in particular, its helpful to include a map. Google Maps and Skitch come in useful.


See WildSingapore for all the articles about the new DPC – link.

BTW, members of public can now call the National Environment Agency’s (NEA) hotline to report any public cleanliness problems: 1800 600 3333.


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