You can’t help but be curious about @MarsCuriosity!

Twitter - MarsCuriosity
Shadow of Curiosity Rover on Mars, from @MarsCuriosity

NASA’s Curiosity Rover has touched down on Gale Crater in Mars, as scheduled. Curiosity survived the “seven minutes of terror” and landed on the cold Martian landscape without a hair out of place, how wonderful!

This is such a kick-ass video, I hope our CHAOS2012 participants have seen this.

Curiosity will be there for a year, searching, not for life on mars, but signs of once-habitable environments.

Follow twitter account @MarsCuriosity – or you might have friends enthusiastically retweeting – the lonely craft landed with its warm, cheerful personality intact, how can you not resist?!

Twitter - MarsCuriosity

Read about Curiosity, watch the JPL videos and see the Guardian’s live blog of the landing.

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