Ria Tan of WildSingapore gets it right!

Ria has published her annual post in support of the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore at her Wild Shores Singapore:

wild shores of singapore: Angry about litter on our shores? Learn more, DO something!

What’s phenomenal about this is this – Ria Tan manages WildSingapore which involves not just publishing and maintaining the news, events and photography sites, she also keeps it personal by writing her Wild Shores of Singapore blog in great detail.

All the while she runs her independent marine surveys to document biodiversity on our shores and helps to coordinate larger efforts like the Mega Marine Survey of Singapore and public education efforts like Naked Hermit Crabs and the Festival of Biodiversity Singapore. It’s a long list and I’ve never written it all up as yet.

In her ICCS post, she know exactly what’s going on, and highlights the wildlife talk then points to the registration for independent volunteers, the recruitment for coordinators, explains the background to these cleanups, and suggests following the mailing list, blog and twitter accounts, ending with links to local and international marine litter news. Concise, detailed and accurate.

102boss-III-NUS_LT27-24sep2011[kpinto] | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Ria Tan received her second Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium Award in 2011 from Tan Chuan-Jin

She know’s why she is doing all of this – for a better Singapore and planet. She refused any attempt at award nomination, but the community has its own process and she was celebrated with the Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium Award twice, in 2003 and 2011.

Meanwhile, in all of the modules that teach in at NUS (LSM1103, LSM1303, LSM2251, LSM3261, LSM4262, MW5202), I suggest they subscribe to WildSingapore News.

I’ve stopped carrying name cards since 2006. At at every wildlife talk I give, I simply end by pointing the audience to WildSingapore.com and the simple message, “Explore, Express, Act”.

That will help you find everyone.

ICCS Briefing-27aug2011-small.pdf (page 155 of 177)

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