Happy Teacher’s Day

CivetGirl rounded up my Otterman Holt crew, requisitioned greetings from absentees and had me thinking the “lunch meeting” she had written in to my Google Calendar was to celebrate Civet Poop Girl’s birthday, who was similarly duped.

So I was harried from my NUS Cat Cafe meeting to a surprise teacher’s day part. How nice! And an otter book I had not seen, also very nice! And then a bunch of funeral celebrants whom I prodded into telling me stories. And then there was ice-cream cake!

Then I was too relaxed to work anymore. Sigh, how nice.

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Girl Power!

Amanda Tan and Xu Weiting, Full-Time TAs with the Department of Biological Sciences, pulling a seine to evaluate a patch of sandy shore for a biodiversity practical. We were smiling then but are not sure it’ll be worth bringing first year biodiversity students down to Changi Beach this year – not while the usual patch of shoreline is inaccessible due to improvement works. by NParks. Pity, for it is one of the most memorable field experiences of the first -years.