Walking the Southern Ridges with students and kakis

During the first year LSM1103 Biodiversity practical, I have students walk the ridge from NUS to Bukit Chandu before bussing them back to campus.

LSM1103 Kent Ridge walking route - Google Maps
The LSM1103 Kent Ridge walking route on Google Maps

LSM1103 on the ridge
LSM1103 students on the Ridge

I’m pretty pleased with that practical for they get to know each other in an organised fashion, group photos are taken for Facebook to help them extend that conversation, they champion a ridge plant each and lead explanations, TAs facilitate the group more than lecture at them, students see the larger geography of the area and some even reflect on the Battle of Pasir Panjang.

And this all happens in the space of four hours. Our students are mostly new to observing nature in such detail and need more exposure, so I invited my first, second and third year students to walk the Southern Ridges with me this Saturday. This is a longer and pleasant walk from the University Cultural Centre to Vivocity which I last walked with kakis in 2010.

Walking Activity 8.08 km - RunKeeper

Well, about 30 students registered but the early start time of 7.00am from NUS’ University Cultural Centre might prove to be too much in the morning! That might enable a richer experience for the rest as is usually the case for the commemorative walk for the Battle of Pasir Panjang.

I also invited some of my media-socialists kakis as well a secondary school classmate’s environmentally-inclined daughter.

Birds of a feather and all that. I am sure they will enjoy the company.

Just that one catch – I have to wake up early too.

Alright, let me not wonder what possessed me, but go hydrate and pack now!


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