Xylo demands dinner

If ever a cat had X-ray eyes, it would be Xylo. This photo is flattering to my fat boy who is the most rotund and persistent of the three cats when it comes to meals. He provides an excellent alarm service in the mornings, probably sensing when the spirit is in denial and the flesh is weak.

The best images of him in my mind’s eye, though, are of him rolling about on the rough tiles of the corridor to scratch his back in complete abandon. Read about him from six years ago when he found me in the mangrove.

Xylot demands dinner


One thought on “Xylo demands dinner

  1. Ha ha, why is it that most tuxedo cats behave and look the same. Mine – Miki Mao -also provide excellent alarm service daily, even on weekends, starting at 5:30am. And as for his rotund figure, despite weighing in at 8kg, he can still jump up kitchen counter tops in search of his next meal!

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