Map on a wall – the Geological Map of Singapore

On the wall at the Raffles Museum yesterday was the Geological Map of Singapore. There for yet another discussion about some aspect of the galleries at the Lee Khong Chian Natural History Museum, there were rocks on the table and the map on the wall.

This second edition was published by DSTA in 2009 and I remember it well because Mok Ly Yng regaled me with enthusiastic stories during the “Vignettes in Time” exhibition at the National Library that year. And Tan Swee Hee assured me it was indeed a long walk in DSTA to get to the book, which costs a pretty penny.

Geological Map of Singapore

With the yellow (recent) alluvial distribution glaring at me from the wall, the discussion about plant distribution with the entrance of Adrian Loo, turned to the forgotten freshwater swamps of Singapore’s past. Talk about map and swamps and Tony O’Dempsey’s enthusiasm got dragged into the conversation.

Well, there was quite a bit about the origin of life too.

You can purchase the book from DSTA. 90 pages, it includes nine folded colour maps. Put it on a wall and let it influence your conversation.

We all need maps on our walls.

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