Self-healing Mac

The Mac Book Pro never fails to surprise me, and did so this time not through its OS but in an entirely different area.

A few weeks ago after an ICCS meeting, it tumbled off a table in LS Lab 7 at NUS. It landed on its edge and despite the encasement of the messenger bag it was in, appeared dented.

Back home, a blue sheen greeted me, which I ignored to carry on working. Eventually the screen gave up its ghost and was dark. I borrowed Civetgirl’s MacBookAir to run Keynote at my ecology lecture. At work, I used an external monitor since the hard disk and CPU were still whirring

By the second ecology lecture after the mishap, the MacBook Pro had somehow revived. Leaving it plugged in and alone had worked!

Or maybe the cat fixed it.


Oddly enough, the external monitor at work has blacked out. It seems while it was a primary display, the MacBook Pro sucked out all its mojo, like a Dementor. I know how that feels.

“I fix external monitors too”

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