“Wild Singapore” the book – a very special sale for NUS students/staff – this Fri and Tue only

Update – the story of the book is this: Geoff Davidson, who led the red data book revision, approached Ria about contributing to this book. The title is part of the Wild series which includes Wild Malaysia and Wild China, and which John Beaufoy obtained the rights to.

Ria says, “I’m glad when they decided to do Wild Singapore that they asked me to help out. And astonished that they chose a reef shot for the cover.”

In fact, that’s precisely the kind of photo Ria has highlighted many times in her talks and blog posts, a reef with the city skyline in the distance.

The person slaving sway to coordinate this has been Geoffrey Davidson and I’m glad to see veteran Benjamin Lee involved too.

Well, I was prompted to secure the discount for my students after seeing the reef shot and Ria’s name, as she runs the WildSingapore webpage, which is quite a different thing altogether.

The Wild Singapore webpage by Ria Tan is a standard reference for NUS students in LSM1103 Biodiversity, LSM2251 Ecology and the Environment and other biodiversity modules since 2007 as Ria feed the site with well curated images, species information sheets, a list of related events and news compilations from mainstream and social media relevant to Singapore and this region.

I particularly love the images tagged with taxonomic categories which are a useful resource when first years are discovering life out there and at our doorstep!

For some time now, Ria has been agonising over the production “Wild Singapore” the book! I am glad it seems to have come to fruition by a different path!

Wild Singapore, the book

Geoff and Ben signing Wild Singapore. Photo by Ria Tan
Photo by Ria Tan

Super-Special Sale for NUS students and staff

The hard cover book will be launched in November and the price will be $69.90. Prompted for a discount or our biodiversity students, the publisher, Pansing Distribution Pte Ltd, agreed to extend a limited and super special offer of $40.00 to ALL students and staff of NUS at the first book sale for this publication!

How nice is that and how very appropriate too!

So all NUS staff and students are welcome to come down and purchase the Wild Singapore book at these locations and times. Just turn up with cash and show your matric/staff card to enjoy the super-special price!

Fri 19 Oct 2012: 1.00pm-3.00pm
Outside Life Science Lab 7 (S2-03)
(Before the LSM1103 Animal Diversity Practical)

Tue 23 Oct 2012: 3.00pm – 5.00pm
NUS LT32 lobby (S1A-01)
(Before the LSM1103 Ecydysozoa II & Deuterostomes I Lecture)

Map: http://map.sivasothi.com

Wild Singapore super special offer to NUS

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