There is always one more thing…

With three concurrent modules, it would be best to leave some lecture slides alone, that was the plan. If they are good enough, surely they can survive without tweaks?

But most things can be improved, and science is hardly stagnant. Well, even my public talks get edited each time, no matter how many times I have done some topics.

Mr Bats is mostly resigned about these ovenight sessions
Mr Bats head butt

This inevitably means going hungry in front of the mac. And the cats will have to remind me about mealtimes – theirs.

For an explanation during lectures can be clearer, a better delivery attempted, a conversation with a student prompts an idea or clarification, there is recent research to add to mix, an idea has been enhanced or weakened, a better image avails itself, recent news can be incorporated…

And then suddenly, its 4am.

Mr Bats is sitting on Yoda (arrowed) and with Xylo stalk me
in demand of dinner. Slide says predator deterrence.

Mr Bats and Xylo stalk the iMac

After the edits, what to chuck out since an early finish is desired for some students to get to U Town. But the socratic method is time-costly. But third year students deserve encouragement to think.

This morning, there was no relaxing cup of coffee but more edits. Then I jumped into a cab because I had lost track of time. By this time, I had inserted a photo of Mr Kinky Tail the Civet from Weiting honours year study, to show his masked face, suggested to be “sunglasses” typical of crepuscular and riparian animals who deal with a harsh glare.

In the taxi, I thought of the banded-leaf monkey we saw in the forest. It was difficult to get a clear photo of its face, as it dodged behind branches and trunks, just enough to break the line of sight with me.

Very much like the anti-predator behaviour I describe on one slide.

So hunt, hunt, hunt for the slide on my Mac Book Pro, while advising the taxi driver of the best route to take. “Not that lane, most cars will turn into NUH”, and then get him to slow down at Lower Kent Ridge Road. “Don’t run down my students!”

I got to the LT at 9:57am. Thankfully, everything worked.

Then in the afternoon, amidst a meeting, I realised I had approached the earlier two lectures all wrong! So immediately, I made plans to reorganise next year’s lectures. And I’ve just about figured out how.


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