Wild Singapore the book is launched!

Distributor Leslie Lim introducing the publisher John Beaufoy and the ‘dream team’ of authors Geoff Davison, Ria Tan and Benjamin Lee.

Note how Ria Tan is taking photos and mentally preparing her post for her Wild Shores blog! Watch out for it! (Update: there you go!)

The book is dedicated to the late Lady McNeice, an ardent supporter of conservation.

When the distributor Leslie Lim from PanSing contacted me and others about our talks at the SIBiol Publc Forum, I quickly asked if they could extend a discount to students in my modules. They quickly replied with a super-discount of $40, which is still available to students and staff of NUS at the LT 27 and BTC co-ops!

It’s a great book to put into hands of my students. I read the predecessor volumes of Wild Malaysia and Wild Indonesia as a grad student in the 90’s and its great my students can peruse a handy volume about our backyard. I was happy to be there today, despite the lack of sleep, to congratulate the authors, publisher and distributor on a fine accomplishment.

Super-Special Sale for NUS students and staff at LT27 & BTC co-ops