Preparing for the 15th annual Sungei Buloh Anniversary Walk with my kakis

Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve shares a birthday with me on 6th December, and every year I pick the Sunday nearest the date and offer a public walk with my kakis, all veteran guides who are full of exciting and informative stories, and who have contributed to various projects in the mangroves and beyond.


This year is the 15th year I will be organising this and I really struggled with the idea this time as I am still exhausted from ICCS 2012, various projects and my very considerable teaching demands including a serious amount of marking I am drowning in.

But the regular veteran guides climbed out of the woodwork to respond so very quickly to the hint of a suggestion of the walk. And Civetgirl nudged me last night, so here we go again!

  1. Confirm date, tide and time [tide levels at mobilegeographics]
  2. Recruit veteran guides: email to Toddycats/Twitter/Facebook
  3. Edit webpage on Habitatnews which displays at:
  4. Prepare the GDocs Registration Form
  5. prepare email and announce on
  6. Habitatnews newsletter
  7. Department staff
  8. NUS Staff via All Secretaries
  9. Personal Twitter and Facebook
  10. Toddycats blog and facebook
  11. Prepare Registration Status Sheet:
  12. Update guides; arrange transport
  13. Monitor Registration Form for capacity
  14. Inform participants

Then its show time!

Yes, registration is now open at Join Ivan Khong, Anand Balan, Grace Lo, Xu Weiting, Alvin Wong, Adrian Loo, Kok Oi Yee, Marcus Ng, Marcus Chua and myself for a lovely time!


Photos above from SBAW 2008 by Anand Balan


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