My LSM1103 Biodiversity “Writing Workshop” strategy

Or how I end up with 263 first-year undergrad essays to mark – and my colleague Ng Ngan Kee, who teaches the module in Semester 2, will usually mark even more.

We took the three zoology essays out of the final exam paper (for which students would not have received any feedback) and instead offered three “24-hour” essays. Students receive intense group and individual feedback for the first two from TAs and us lecturers, while the third works as a grading essay, which is why we are miserable every end of semester.

However, reflections from the experience are distilled into teaching strategies for future semesters, and student’s writing and citation improve each semester, and we can target higher level learning goals. As I tweeted earlier, it’s a “critical source of annual improvements #nopainnogainbopian”

Scanned with TurboScan.


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