Planning student movement for LSM1103 Practical Exam

We had 263 students taking a practical exam in three slots. It was getting tiring finding rooms on a weekday, so I shifted the operation to a Saturday. Then I worked out a plan to keep the groups isolated.

This was the back of the envelope dry run with Chicken Girl Amanda Tan, conducted before we briefed the Teaching Assistants. It required loads more planning as were keeping their phones and stuff this year, and had to ensure it was all secure and easily retrievable. We solved that with different coloured trash bags, trolleys and cable-ties.

Planning movement for the LSM1103 Practical Exam

This was much better illustrated on a Lab 7 white board, and we managed to simplify some parts. It’s all in written up, complete with announcements, on a shared document on Google Drive for use in Sem 2.

I miss the glass-topped table in the old meeting room at the Raffles Museum. It was a critical planning tool.


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